Go for the Greek food, stay for the tight-knit neighborhood. Just a short ride from the city on the N, R, or the recently revived W, Astoria has a personality all its own. With no shortage of craft cocktail bars, boutique retail spots, and acclaimed restaurants, residents rarely feel the need to duck into Manhattan for entertainment.


1. 60 Beans Kitchen & Coffee

2. Astoria Coffee


3. The Yoga Room

4. New York Sports Club

5. Astoria Sports Complex


6. The Bonnie

7. Taverna Kyclades

8. Trattoria L’incontro

9. Queens Comfort

10. Il Bambino


11. Museum of the Moving Image

12. Socrates Sculpture Park

13. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

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Why Rent Our Astoria Rentals in Queens?

The Renaissance of New York City’s counter-cultural independent movement is rich, exhilarating, and explosive. Having moved far past the tail-end of last decade’s recession, New York City is brimming with energy through a number of small neighborhood districts.

These smaller and more homely neighborhoods have experienced a stunning resurgence in art, culture, and creativity. Perhaps the boldest area of them all is Astoria, in Queens.

A Walk ThroughAstoria

The Astoria rentals are just a brisk walk from a number of fitness centers, coffee, shops, cafes, and places of entertainment.Astoria is a mini-Manhattan. Fitted with casual and definitively New York City-styled craft and cocktail bars at every corner, Astoria is quintessentially Bohemian.

Entertainment and Things to Do

There’s a contemporary yet classic energy in the neighborhood, and you can see that exemplified in every area of entertainment. Firstly, the Museum of the Moving Image is a celebration of film pre-dating about 1980, perfect for Criterion collectors and classic film aficionadas.

The Socrates Sculpture Park carries NYC’s deep appreciation for art right to the outdoors. Classiness and romanticism oozes from this museum and park area. There’s also the Beer Garden. You don’t need to have to head to Manhattan to have a cocktail on an outdoor patio, with the smell of lavender in the air.

Café Coffee and Restaurants

Astoria Coffee is the premium coffee spot, fully independent and influenced by a number of roasters in the country. It’s like a collective of individuals who adore coffee and the culture that comes with it.

There is also the Queens Room. It’s a chic Americana-influenced location. It’s open past midnight and has a bombastic menu of tuna, omelets, artichoke dip, and beet hummus. The Queens Room took the elements of its former business, 60 Beans Kitchen & Coffee, and added a more distinctive décor with an increased focus on inspired American food.

Fitness Health

Lastly, any Astoria rentals won’t be far from sports rooms, and fitness centers. These are not the corporate “all look the same” fitness centers scattered across the country. You can spend some time at the Astoria Sports Complex or, for a different kind of atmosphere, an hour or two at The Yoga Room.

The New York Sports Club is a cultural exchange, featuring personal training courses, group workouts, and even kids programs. The health club has helped propel the Astoria neighborhood with its collective focus on community and learning.

Our Astoria rentals are reasonably priced compared to what you would find a mile or two in any direction. It also has enough uniqueness for you to keep everything pretty local. Astoria also has actual homes available (in New York City!) and many neighbors own cars.

More and more people are building lives in the relative outskirts of Manhattan. Their migration is creating a wide network of smaller communities with huge opportunities. All of these Queens neighborhoods are attracting young professionals and young families who are eager to indulge, support and bask in the lifestyles of New York City. Astoria may be at the forefront of a cultural Renaissance of independent business.

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